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Thanks for Clicking through - Unity Super Rocks are a truly ground breaking speaker that is forward, has depth and will truly broaden your audio vision. To audition these amazing monitors click here to contact a dealer or the links above for details of other products.

THE SUPER ROCK 2-way active monitor

Revolution not evolution

The Super Rock for listening to the beautiful things! Quite possibly the ultimate expression of a 2-way design, The Super Rock starts out as a Rock MKII and turns every detail up to eleven! Weíve anaylised every single component and parameter of The Rock in microscopic detail and challenged our designers to improve it whilst keeping the same 2-way design and convenient form factor. What they achieved is quite simply a landmark product that goes deeper, hits harder and retrieves even greater levels of resolution. Although at its heart itís a 2-way it certainly Rocks like a miniature Boulder.

Designed for demanding audio professionals spanning a wide range of applications they are perfect for tracking, mixing and mastering. The Super Rock is equally at home sat atop a large-format mixing console or in a high-end studio, a home studio or a mastering facility.

Amplification The Super Rock is equipped with a 100 watt discrete bi-polar low feedback amplifier with custom wound transformers designed by the amp guru Tim de Paravicini of Esoteric Audio Research. Dedicated LF and HF sections result in a very fast, clean and astoundingly accurate audio reproduction.

Drivers The bass driver is 220mm, the same size as its bigger brother, The Boulder. However our engineers didnít just settle for using the exact same driver, they demanded a new specification specifically matched to The Super Rockís smaller sealed cabinet. The 200mm SEAS custom aluminium woofer delivers amazing micro and macro- dynamics. The cone and the low loss rubber surround were specifically designed to eliminate cone edge resonance and distortion typically associated with soft cones. The same long, high temperature voice coil as The Boulder provides super low distortion and very high power handling capacity. The bass driver transitions seamlessly to an all-new Air Motion Transformer Tweeter from respected German manufacturer Mundorf. The tweeter has incredibly low distortion figures, excellent transient response and a carefully considered dispersion characteristic that provides a seamless inter-driver coherence. The Super Rock raises the bar with even greater resolution and detail while providing more SPL and bass extension.

Sealed cabinet Cabinet colourations are kept to a minimum with a sculpted Corian front baffle. Depth is up from 12mm to a huge 30mm with large radius edges to reduce reflections and improve imaging. Like The Rock MKII, The Super Rock features the same attention to detail and is made from 18mm, 9-ply Baltic Birch plywood rather than inferior MDF, typically used by other manufacturers. Our front to rear bracing system is also incorporated to stop cabinet flexing.


Applications. Super Rocks are designed as near field tracking and mixing speakers. They are ideal in a 2.1 or 5.1 system configuration when partnered with an Avalanche Sub-woofer or used as rears in a Boulder 5.1 surround system due to their highly consistent sonic signature.







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