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THE BOULDER MkII 3-way active monitor

True giant killers

The Boulder - Stunning mid field performance.The Boulder MKII 3-way active monitor redefines expected levels of sonic performance and is regarded as a truly world-class monitoring system. Like the critically acclaimed MKI model, the MKII’s boast a fast, accurate detailed sound and prodigious extended bass response, and deliver even greater levels of SPL to fit into any critical listening environment or scenario.

Designed for demanding audio professionals spanning a wide range of applications they are perfect for tracking, mixing and as mains in mastering. The Boulder is equally at home sat atop a large-format mixing console or in a high-end studio, or a professional private studio.

Amplification Regarded as easily rivaling many larger and more costly monitoring systems, The Boulders incorporate four discrete bi-polar low feedback amplifiers from The Rock MKII. With the power delivery of the custom Class A/B amplifier at their disposal, The Boulders deliver a life-like sense of scale and take any performance in their stride.

Drivers The Boulders are fitted with two 220mm SEAS custom Aluminum woofers that provide tremendous bass precision down to 32Hz and beyond. The unique coaxial mid- range tweeter driver works as a point source over 7 octaves and delivers linear amplitude and phase independent of frequency. This results in incredibly detailed, accurate imaging you can trust. MusicTech 10/10 Excellence "With its superb on-board amplifiers and state-of-the-art drivers, the new Boulder is a truly world-class monitor."

Sealed cabinet Cabinet colourations are kept to a minimum with a sculpted Corian front baffle. To accommodate the large 220mm woofers the sealed cabinet uses Baltic Birch plywood and a huge 30mm Corian front baffle with large radius edges to reduce reflection and cabinet resonances.


Applications. Boulders are designed as near field tracking and mixing speakers. The Boulders can be expanded with dedicated Boulder Bass Extenders or partnered with an Avalanche Sub-woofer to make a 2.1 or 5.1 system. They can be partnered with Rocks in a Boulder 5.1 surround system due to their highly consistent sonic signature.







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